Do you want to think like an artist who licenses their art?

Are you new to Art Licensing and unsure of what you need to know and do to succeed?

Have you been licensing your art but want to improve your skills?

Would you love a quick, weekly refresher to keep you focused and learning about the business of licensing art?

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Then Tara Reed’s Art Licensing Mindset Audio Postcard Series might be just what you are looking for! A weekly skill or mindset is delivered to your inbox – just click, listen and implement the concepts to help build your business.

Using a snowglobe analogy for your comfort zone, week 1 will have you look at 22 skills and mindsets that will help you succeed in licensing. Each topic is then covered, 1 / week for the next 22 weeks.

Each week you will get ideas and information, as well as suggested “to do”s to help you start using the concept discussed.

At the end of the 24 weeks, hopefully your comfort zone has expanded and you are more comfortable and confident with everything from creating art to talking contracts, dealing with deadlines and lots more in between.

As well as 3 – 5 minute audios you can listen to while you create, PDF transcripts are available for each skill so you can go back and refer to them time and again.

Tara Reed knows art licensing and would love to share what she has learned building her business with you.

For only $1 a week, how can you resist?

The total cost of the program is $24 and you will receive an email every 7 days for 24 weeks.

From the e-desk of Tara Reed,
Licensed Artist
(Portland, Oregon)Dear Fellow Artist,Do you ever feel overwhelmed with all the things you need to learn and understand to license your art? Whether art licensing is 100% or 10% of your business, you still need to understand contracts, how to create art, interacting with manufacturers, dealing with changes, royalties… etc… etc… etc… It can be mind-boggling!A few years ago I took an intense class to learn about teaching by phone – otherwise known as teleseminars. I felt the same sense of confusion and overwhelm that I did when I was starting my art licensing business. There seemed to be so many things to learn and new terms to understand!But our instructor, Alex Mandossian, gave us a great tool – an audio postcard series. It’s like an IV drip of information – fabulous! I got an email once a week, with a 3-5 minute audio recording that talked about one topic and one topic only. I can handle one topic at a time! Slow and steady wins the race, right?

I could also download the transcript of what I had heard to refer to later. Yeah!

I found this to be such a great way of learning and reinforcing new ideas, or even just making me think about a concept once a week that I decided to create the same type of tool for artists.

So if you would like some weekly food for thought to keep you thinking, growing and motivated, you can’t go wrong with the Art Licensing Mindset Audio Postcard Series. 24 weeks of skills and attitudes to move you along the path of creating the lifestyle of your dreams.

I hope you find this as helpful as I did… here’s to your creative success!